01 Thinking to be in Freelancing Business?

If you answered yes to the question above then you are exactly where you need to be. In the new era it’s easier than ever to start working from the comfort of your own home. Most people would rather be their own bosses, working flexible hours and planning out their day to day routine themselves instead of it being dictated to them. Think of this as an introduction to freelancing for beginners and professionals.

Freelancers are always in a constant hunt for online jobs that pays them what they’re worth. They spend several hours clicking on various listings for work from home jobs or are just struggling with kick starting their home based business. A study showed that 34% of the American workforce is now involved in freelance jobs.

However, this line of work requires constant hustle, slacking off is not an option when you’re planning on becoming a freelancer.

I was no different than most of you. Every waking moment I was googling ways to How to make money online sitting at home, when I finally decided to become a freelancer, and during my time as a freelancer I experimented with uncommon approaches towards the same task which made me stand out in my league.

Now, here I am with a compilation of all my first-hand experiences framed in this eBook. My book covers every nook and cranny about freelancing through which, both, newbies and professionals can benefit. The book carries strategic solutions towards problems and questions that every person who works from home asks. Every topic covered in this book, alongside comprehensive details, comes with real life scenarios that you will be able to relate to, making it easier to understand. Besides my success stories I have highlighted “Dispute Resolution” tactics as it comes in handy when you’re working as a freelancer. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for freelance web developer jobs, content writer jobs, freelance graphic design jobs or entry level freelancing jobs for beginners, this book can help you expand your horizons and teach you how to do business.

When it comes to how to earn money online as a freelancer there are quite a few platforms that provide you with adequate resources to reach clients, a few being: Elance, Upwork and ODesk. These sites do aid freelancers to an extent through their FAQ boards but its shorthanded and limited when it comes to the practicality.

The techniques that make you a winner in this game.

Would rarely put on display on the online forums but since you’re already here you don’t need those forums. Now, whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your graphic designing business, searching for new projects or looking for any sorts of work at home jobs, you’ll be in good hands with this book next to you.

Being a freelancer, you’re running a business, you are selling your services and potential for the right price. The foundation of business is “selling” but if you don’t have a handle on your selling skills, progress will be twice as hard. I was much alike when I got into this line of work myself but luckily I had the room to experiment & observe & overtime I learnt the important maneuvers and carefully drafted them down.

These are the kind of things you either don’t think about as a freelancer or if you do you don’t get right answers to it. That’s why this book is a must read for the remote jobs community because it takes a step aside from technicalities and focuses on the skill sets you need to adapt to flourish and start making money online. Think of my book as Freelancing Training of sorts for you.

David Leckenby

CRM Manager, Australia

Very clear and immediately useful advice for the online entrepreneur. I loved the practical tips always followed up by the authors direct experience. Highly recommended!

Freelancing Business By: Mustafa Parekh