03 Want to Understand Client’s Psychology?

When you’re working remote jobs as a freelancer you need to be vigilant of your dealings with your clients because unlike traditional dealings that tend to happen face to face, you will probably be on one end of the email and your client on the other. As freelancers your assumptions about your clients and their motivations holds a strong impact on your business. Bad assumptions can cause you a waste of time and in some cases your money. As a freelance business owner, your reputation means everything and you can't afford to put a dent on the value of your services.

Understanding the mindset of your client will result in you having smoother agreements with them. The goal is to make as many positive client relationships as possible. You need to truly know them, and make concrete, smart progress for the purpose of learning

more about what motivates them to buy your services. Your focus should be to build a connection with your client which needs a particular set of skills you need to acquire.

Here’s a small lesson: Learn to talk about yourself with empathy when discussing the client’s needs. If they don’t see how much you care, it wouldn’t matter how good you are at your job.

Knowing yourself plays a major key in business transactions. It’s no mystery that you need to be completely aware of what you have to offer, your weaknesses and your strengths, and to appropriately market those skills to add value to your services. Set up rules for how high and low you're willing to go with regards to taking up projects with your customers.

Don't over-sell yourself, however don't underestimate what you bring to the table as added value for every customer.

On the other hand, what’s more imperative than how you market yourself, is the manner by which well you define your offers for the correct kind of customer you need to pull in. This is something, regretfully, a great deal of freelancers frequently forget. Let the client see how your procedures (i.e. process, work parameters, etc.) will help them accomplish their objectives. Utilize strong dialect in your correspondences and records, radiating an atmosphere of certainty that will guarantee your customers that you know your work well.

Lucky for you I have been on the lows and highs of these scenarios & have covered this in detail in my book. You learn the process of how & clients make distinct decisions, the reason behind a client’s procrastination before making a decision & how to make a judgement on where the client stands in their decision making process. You’ll also see how I became more self-aware about my business transactions & took steps on understanding my strengths and weaknesses as well.


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