However, before all this he was no different than the majority of freelancers out there. During his early work life he worked in a variety of industries and he used to work as a software engineer in the IT department of a company before he decided to kick start his own freelancing business. And in his free time he used to go on the web looking for ways to make some money online, be independent and work a remote job instead of clocking in and clocking out of his generic job.

He took his skills as a software engineer, web developer and graphic designer and then he started placing his bets on the freelancing community. He started looking for remote IT jobs, freelance programming jobs and other things that were well suited with his expertise. But Mustafa used to be an amateur in this line of work as well as a freelancer. He was not aware of the dos and don’ts of this community at first and made the same mistakes as most beginner freelancers but then he invested a lot of his time and effort towards improvements in his client dealings and progressed to the top of the freelancing ladder gradually.

During his time as a freelancer, Mustafa noticed how most freelancers were going through the same rough patches and making the same mistakes that he was and so he played his cards smartly, he was cautious and attentive with his work and took a calculated risk of experimenting with it. He came across dozens of different clients which helped him improve his communication skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills, understanding client psychology, making returning clients and caused overall advancement in his work due to adopting various strategies and character traits. Now these experiences and techniques were no good just staying with him so he decided to take those experiences and articulate them in the form of this eBook so it can be a form of a helping hand in the freelancing community. This eBook is composed in a way where a beginner freelancer can learn about the community the easy way rather than the hard way and a professional freelancer can benefit by knowing where they are going wrong and where they can further improve their services.


CEO at 8 Dollar Websites, United States

This is best book I've read on freelancing, and I've read quite a few! Everything is laid out clearly with all the important knowledge and practical advice needed to start your own freelancing lifestyle. A MUST for any entrepreneur wanting to succeed online.

Freelancing Business By: Mustafa Parekh