01 Thinking to be in Freelancing Business?

If you answered yes to the question above then you are exactly where you need to be. In the new era it’s easier than ever to start working from the comfort of your own home. Most people would rather be their own bosses, working flexible hours and planning out their day to day routine themselves instead of it being dictated to them. Think of this as an introduction to freelancing for beginners and professionals.

02 Thinking about Making Money Online?

I’ll be honest, this is how a majority of freelancers start off picking up work and end up starting work as a freelancer. I was no different, every other day going on google and looking up ways to start making money or how to make money sitting from home and the clickbait advertisements don’t really help much. Now I am not giving away money here for free but what I am doing is offering you a solid investment opportunity for you to grow you freelancing business exponentially and teach you how to become a freelancer.

03 Want to Understand Client’s Psychology?

When you’re working remote jobs as a freelancer you need to be vigilant of your dealings with your clients because unlike traditional dealings that tend to happen face to face, you will probably be on one end of the email and your client on the other. As freelancers your assumptions about your clients and their motivations holds a strong impact on your business. Bad assumptions can cause you a waste of time and in some cases your money. As a freelance business owner, your reputation means everything and you can't afford to put a dent on the value of your services.

Faisal Akhter

Software Freelancer, Australia

Such an impressive reference work! It felt like the book is telling my problems in freelancing and the solutions really changed my approach. I could never find this combination of practical strategies in any online article.

04 Want to Step Up Your Price Negotiations Game?

When you want to make money online, good negotiations skills can help you a great deal in reaching your personal targets easily. Despite your outstanding work as a freelance web developer, your immense experience with graphic design jobs or freelance coding, chances are, you never had a class on how to negotiate. The first lesson in negotiation is knowing that you are a part of a negotiation. Most freelance beginners looking for a job make the assumption that the terms of hiring are being dictated and accept jobs and projects without a negotiation, getting stuck with a package not worth their time and efforts. However, in the same situation with the same client, a person with good negotiations skills can avail the most out of the project. An agreement should be reached that is beneficial to you & your client, both.

05 Want Your Clients to Stick Around?

A business profits from its returning clients, clients that brag about your task or work, and who bring more attention with them via word of mouth. When beginning its straight forward that the objective is to get clients, however it's obvious that the backbone of a feasible business is returning clients. Return clients speak to considerably more than frequent customers. Returning infers that they settled on a definite choice in view of their involvement with you and they made a move in light of that choice.

Freelancing Business By: Mustafa Parekh